Church history

In Medieval times the church site was a Leper house. In 1847 a ragged school was established providing free schooling to the poorest of children. In 1875 the North Mission started, and was later opened as the St. Nicholas' mission hall for women for training in theology and practical mission work abroad.

1901 the hall became a Mission Laundry for the employment and training of women without the rougher elements of factory life. In 1905, It was taken over by a private firm but remained a mission room.

in 1947 Emmanuel Pentecostal Church was established under the leadership of pastor Gricks.

From the 90's Pastor Peter Cain and Chris Timms, along with their wives Eileen and June led the church forward.

The church went through times of high and low attendance, however the aforementioned were faithful to the word of God, and His promise that the church will prosper, and become a shining light in the community.

2009 saw the arrival of, now Pastor, Brett and Glenda and family from South Africa, and along with others, have seen the church grow spiritually, numerically and has prospered as God promised, and we believe this is just the start. 2015 Jan, with wife Sue Rzymski, joined the leadership as assistant Pastor.


Leadership team

Emmanuel Church, a part of the Assemblies of God Ministries.