Your Personal Data

Personal data is information collected that will identify an individual.

Identification can be by the information supplied, and/or in conjunction with any information in the data controller’s possession, or likely to come into such possession.

The processing of this data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR)


This statement sets out how we will deal with any personal information we collect about you, or that you provide us with in accordance with the above regulation.


Who we are

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church (EPC) Northgate Street, Great Yarmouth, a registered charity

(no. 1054417) we are in fellowship with the Assemblies of God of Great Britain.

The church trustees will decide how your personal data is processed and for which purpose.


How we process your personal data

We collect your personal data in accordance with our obligation under the GDPR, we will keep that data up to date, store it securely and protect it from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure, by ensuring appropriate safety measures are in place.

If you request us to do so, we will remove that personal data from our records and destroy it securely, keeping only what is legally required by law.


How we use your personal data

The personal information we collect about you may be used in several ways;


  • To tell you about events the church is running, which we think may be of interest to you, this may be via leaflets, email, sms and mms texts, phone calls, Facebook, whatsapp or messenger, or via the church website.

  • To provide pastoral care, support and teaching in accordance with biblical principles.

  • To enable and maintain appropriate safeguarding arrangements for our children, youth, and vulnerable people.

  • To help us identify where you could serve in the life of the church.

  • To help us organise rotas, small groups and teams that serve in the life of the church.

  • For our accounts and records, for the purpose of gift aid, and to help us ensure that you can continue to meet the criteria for membership and areas you may be serving in the life of the church.

  • To enable us to record, for reference, attendance at home groups, prayer meetings, bible school and other church run one-off events.


Personal data is collected, with your consent to the above, or because we need to, to fulfil any legal requirements of the law.



Information we may collect about you include

Personal data we may collect, and process include;

  • Contact details: name, address, email, phone number.

  • Marital status, gender,

  • Record of attendance at various meetings and rotas.

  • Information we feel relevant, contained in emails or other correspondence, or meetings.

  • Information about your family, any other information freely given in confidence.

  • Details required for gift aid, and other giving

  • Information required for disclosure in checks for safeguarding and DBS.

  • Information required for parental consents.

  • Information required for membership and voluntary work.


Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be shared within the context of church events.

No information or data will be disclosed to any third parties without prior consent.


How long will we keep your personal data?

We will keep data only as long as it is current and necessary.

Gift aid declarations and associated paperwork will be kept for up to 6 years, or until an individual leaves the church.

Records of marriages will be held permanently. 


All personal data will be held securely in a locked cabinet, or on a password protected pc.


Your rights and your personal data

In accordance with the GDPR, you have;

  • The right to request a copy of all information held by EPC.

  • The right to request the data controller (trustees of EPC) corrects any information found to be out of date or inaccurate.

  • The right to request any or all your personal data be erased, where it is found to be no longer necessary for it to be retained by EPC.

  • The right to withdraw consent to the processing at any time, or to request the cessation of any further processing of personal data, until further notice.

  • The right to object to the processing procedure, and the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO (information commissioner’s office, details below)



To exercise all relevant rights, queries or complaints, please in the first instance contact Pastor Brett, assistant Pastor Jan or one of the other trustees (data controllers) at EPC (see below) or via email.



You can contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) on 0303 123 1113 or via email or at the Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House,

Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.









Emmanuel Church, a part of the Assemblies of God Ministries.